Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Zach Coming to Java Jive

Jenni of the Lifespan Growth Committee sends the following:
    As many of you know on Saturday evening, November 3, Java Jive will be presenting singer/songwriter Zach at UUCA (see attachment). This time JJ is a fundraiser to benefit the Lifespan Growth Committee (LGC) and their mission to provide and communicate growth opportunities at the UUCA to members, visitors and the public. The Lifespan Growth Committee will be using the funds raised for publications, public relations and to provide rich opportunities free of charge.

    Entrance to JJ has always included homemade baked goods to go with the coffee and tea. We are asking for finger foods, such as cookies, nuts, brownies, cupcakes, candy, muffins or any item that you feel would be enjoyed in the coffeehouse setting.

    The Growth Opportunities or GO! Brochure is funded entirely by Java Jive in conjunction with a matching grant for funds raised. So if you like what you see in the GO! Brochure and find it useful and helpful to the church, this is a way to help with it's continuance.

    Volunteers may e-mail me directly at to let me know of their donation so that I may plan accordingly. Desserts may be dropped off in the kitchen at the church (labeled for Java Jive) on Friday or Saturday. If some can bake but can't get it to the church, I can arrange for someone to come by their house to pick it up on Friday.

    Thanks to everyone, we are really looking forward to a successful fun evening. I hope to see you there!
You can read up on Zach at his website or his MySpace page. He always puts on a good show and it is for a good cause. Go if you can. And if you can contribute baked goods, so much the better.

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