Monday, July 02, 2007

Introducing Our New Interim Minister

Rev. Mary comes to us after a two-year, highly successful interim ministry at Westside UU Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. She has training for accredited interim ministry and tells us that “I am now convinced that my skills and interests are best suited to interim ministry.” As a former parish minister, hospital chaplain, student, spouse, and current mom, Rev. Mary brings us a wide range of personal and professional gifts and interests.

Former colleagues describe her as outgoing and caring, with a definite sense of humor. She is regarded as a dynamic and focused speaker. She likes to work with “folks of all ages who are excited about their church, enjoy each other’s company, and look forward to working
together toward a common future.” Rev. Mary believes strongly in the importance of lifelong religious education and in creating worship that is varied and inspiring. Rev. Mary is excited about many of the programs we already have in place, including Worship Assistants, Pastoral Care Associates, and our nursing ministry.

Rev. Mary sees herself as a “vision caster,” working with lay leaders and staff to form a leadership team together. As a supporter and professional guide to our lay leaders and congregation, she hopes to foster “good communication, collegial and open exchanges, sharing and collaborating.” She is strongly committed to accomplishing the “Five Tasks of an Interim Year” as envisioned by the UUA. And, her experiences with conflict management, behavioral covenants, and stewardship and budgeting will be assets as we determine exactly where we are and where we want to go.

Theologically, Rev. Mary describes herself as a “UU Theist” who has served a variety of
congregations with members of many different backgrounds. She comes to us with hopes for a
productive, growing, and caring experience. As she says, “I fully want to be able – even encouraged – to bring ALL that I am to this new interim ministry.” (And then reminds us that we should include some FUN along our journey together!)

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