Monday, April 02, 2007

Evangelicals Unite Against Slavery

From Reuters:
    U.S. evangelical Christians are divided on global warming, the minimum wage and other issues, but they are united behind a new campaign to end modern slavery around the world.
The article is just OK, but worth a click-thru and read. Also odd that they don't make the obvious tie-in to the beginning of Passover.

A couple thoughts. First, understand that one reason evangelicals are is . . . abortion. Anti-choice conservative Christians see links between their work against abortion and the abolition movement against slavery. They also argue that the Roe v. Wade decision was flawed in the same way the Dred Scott decision was. I don't agree with the abortion/slavery link and their reading of Dred Scott is entirely off base (for reasons that would constitute an entire post by themselves.) Not to say that the link to abortion invalidates the campaign, but we should keep it in mind moving forward.

So what are UU's doing about international slavery? Browsing around I found a World article from '04 announcing the formation of a UUs Against Slavery organization. Unfortunately, the website looks pretty much dead.

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