Friday, January 05, 2007

Freedom Files Films

Join the ACLU of Ohio and the Social Action Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Akron for a screening of an episode from the TV series "The ACLU Freedom Files," followed by a discussion led by Carrie Davis, ACLU of Ohio staff attorney. Wednesday- 1.31.07 and 3.14.07 7:00PM.

Unitarian Universalist Church-3300 Morewood Ave., Akron
Off Market street across from Summit Mall.

Coffee and dessert provided. Child care is available. If needed, please call ahead at 330.836.2206.

ACLU Freedom Files: Racial Profiling
1.31.07 | wednesday
7:00 pm

Do you believe in equality? Are you concerned about the growing use of racial profiling to combat terrorism and everyday crime? Ready to hear the stories of those who have been profiled?

ACLU Freedom Files: Women's Rights
3.14.07 | wednesday
7:00 pm

The episode tells the stories of immigrant retail workers in New York who stood up to their abusive boss; women who stood up to receive equal funding for sports in their communities; and women whose health was endangered because Medicaid wouldn't cover their abortions.

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